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The Fountain of Fame

We all age. It’s a natural process for most of us. However, I think if you’re famous, you don’t age. Well, at least they age a lot slower than regular humanity. Think about it this way; remember when you haven’t seen a friend in a few years and than most of the time you say “wow, they’ve changed a lot,” but when it comes to being famous, I believe they age slower or get a lot of help doing it.

Here’s a few examples of pictures of some famous movie stars. One picture is at least ten years old or more and the newest picture is less than two years old.

Indiana never agesstill tickin\'

Harrison Ford circa 1984 and again in 2008.

Look at Harrison Ford. Yes, we all know he is older now, but he’s 65 and 6 years younger than one of my grandfathers. Harrison Ford does not look like a grandpa. The reason I point this out is that I think the reason why famous people stay famous is because they have faces that don’t age. The reason Harrison can play Indiana Jones at 65 is that he actually looks 45. If he looked like a real 65 year-old, he’d be carying Bengay and some earl grey tea in his satchel with a walking cane instead of a whip. None of us would go see a senior citizen punching bad guys and swinging from crate-to-car with a bull whip.

Julia Roberts still has banana lips; even 15 years later.

Julia Roberts, a prime example of someone who never ages. I have friends that age more in 3 years than this woman. Do famous people just age more gracefully or do they have a lot of plastic help? There’s no way to tell, but the reason we go see movies for particular actors year in and year out is because we recognize them easily.

Tom Hanks: Still pasty and slightly doughy in 1998 as he is now.

Who remembers Joe Vs. the Volcano? I do. Terrible movie. However, it was made in 1990, almost 18 years ago. Mr. Hanks was 34 at the time. He’s now 51, three years younger than my dad. That’s old. Tom Hanks is by far no Brad Pitt, but he has that ‘everyman’ look about him. I don’t know how they do it, but he still plays characters that are 30ish to 40ish. If he actually played 51 year old characters, he wouldn’t be believable.

Jim Carrey: Rubber faces don’t age

Take Jim Carrey. He’s 46-years-old. Five years younger than Tom Hanks. We can all agree that he doesn’t look 46. So this begs the question: how do they stay young or keep looking young? I don’t know and I’m not going to try and find out, but we don’t go to movies to see old people. I mean how many people went to see the Bucket List? Exactly.

Sharon Stone: In 1998, she believed that earthquakes are the result of bad karma. In 2008, nothing has changed, even the way she looks.

Robert Deniro: 65-years old. I wish he would do more mobster movies. Oh wait, no I don’t.

Sean Connery: This man was born 77-years-old. The first picture was taken in 1989. The next one is almost 20 years later.

The reason I wrote this blog is because I just went to see Indiana Jones and the Lamest Title Ever. I would not have gone if he was actually playing a 65-year-old. It would be Indiana Jones and the Last Retirement. In reality, we all go because Indiana Jones is ageless and timeless. We don’t like to see heroes age; thus, the actors who play them don’t age either.

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