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Thing that annoyed Jered this week

People who run in khaki shorts.

Khaki Shorts
Khaki Shorts


Jered annoyed

I went for a run yesterday. I saw two different people running in khaki shorts. Please, don’t do it. Khaki’s are not only uncomfortable and heavy, they look weird when you run in them. Khaki shorts are made for three things; safari’s, suburban barbeques and office picnics.

The Human Race

Nike is sponsering a huge event called “the Human Race” which is essentially a 10k run organized by Nike in 25 of the world’s biggest cities, with Vancouver being one of them. It’s supposed to tie in with their Nike+ product (which I have yet to get. I will one day. I will) as well as to unite runners world wide in the largest organized run in history.

Over a million runners around the world are expected to participate, making it one of the biggest 10k runs in history. Another cool aspect of the 10k is that if you have the Nike+ and you keep track of your kilos and upload them onto the website, they will tally the K’s run from everyone around the world and donate accordingly to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the UN Refugee Agency and the World Wide Fund.

It’s only 60 bucks, small price to pay to run 10k and be a part of the Human Race. I plan on doing it and without a Nike+. C’mon, run for a cause, run to set a world record and run for fun!

To register go here.

To reach a summary of the race go here.

If Jered Is Running, He Is Probably Listening To One of These Songs

Everyone has a favorite mix for special occassions, moments, activities and so on. This week, I decided to compile a top ten (in reality, they’re not in any particular order) of songs that I currently listen to while going on a run. If you want the song, I can try linking it with my internet know-how, but for now I’ll just list them…in no particular order. You’ll be getting more top ten playlists down the road for various other activities that I do: snorkeling, spelunking, sky diving, tree felling, pottery-making, world-conquering, boxing, fencing, etc. etc. etc…

10. Wolfmother – Woman

9. La Grange – ZZ Top

8. Man’s Needs – CSS

7. I Go Hard, I Go Home – Presets

6. Comforting Sounds – Mew

5. Immigrant Song – Led Zepplin

4. Ma Don’t + Every Woman – VNDLSM

3. Dashboard – Modest Mouse

2. Icky Thump – White Stripes

1. I Wanna Be A Style Crusader – Big Face

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