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Huffington Attacks the Hipster!

I know, it is of poor taste to post two things on the same topic or the same subject, but perhaps it led to inspiration. I concede that sometimes what must be done has to be done and today I posted two posts on the same subject.

While reading the news on the political soap opera that is the United States Presidential Election, I was reading the much controversial (and sometimes reviled) webnewsblog, the Huffington Post, when I came across this little peppy article that holds much contempt to the hipster fashion scene. The writer of this article, Verena von Pfetten, does correlate some interesting celebrity and pop culture figures with the hipster fashion trends to make her points. Read the article here.

But hey, it’s all fun and games, we wear what we want to wear because we want wear them to right? We wear what we wear to rage against the machine! However, a graphic designer named Rob Dobi (who has infamously designed work for such talent-heavy bands like the Used (ugh), Angels and Airwaves (gross) and Fall Out Boys (no comment), but has more recently invested his time into his clothing line Full Bleed) is a talented artist and his work has been featured on various record companies and magazines.

However, he redeemed himself and in turned washed his hands of his interactions with Fall Out Boy in my eyes with this entertaining website called, which is basically a scientific, anthropological look at the scenster lifestyle. Here’s a few examples, but really, check out the site you should get a guffaw, grin, chuckle or a harty har har out of it.

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