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The Schwarzenegger Rabbit

German Rabbits on Steroids
German Rabbits on Steroids

18.5 pounds. 2 and a half feet long. Ears that are 2 feet long. This is Robert, is a breed of rabbit called a giant gray. Karl Szmolinsky breads these rabbits in the backyard of his home in Eberswalde Germany. Mr. Szmolinsky said the largest one he ever breed was 23 pounds.

Little known fact: apparently Mr. Szmolinsky  sold about eight of his giant greats to a delegation from North Korea that wanted to raise the breed as an alternative source of meat for the North Korean population.

I want one as a pet, these dinosaur-esque rabbits. It is safe to say that I now believe there are rabbits out there that can legitimately eat my face off.

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