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This Place Called Earth

The Boston Globe outdoes itself again with this photo montage of our fair planet, Earth. These pictures are like the documentary Planet Earth, except in pictures. After seeing them, it made me want to travel the world. I also learned that I haven’t travelled nearly enough. Check out the pictures here

All the pictures were taken by the world renowned french photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He specializes in aeriel photography using subjects that span the entire globe. Can we say: coolest job ever?

Photo of the Week

Opponents of Evo Morales riot in the streets during disagreements

between Morales and Bolivia’s energy-rich provinces over tax revenues.

Picture of the Week

California fire ravages countryside
California fire ravages countryside

I was reading the news and I came across this picture. The California fires have been scorching the forests and countryside. I just really enjoy this picture. It’s very surreal and it inspired me to start a Photo of the Week section. Woo!

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