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A little slice of calculated life: Photos of North Korea


One, Among Many.

The Boston Globe has made some of the best photo essays that I have seen as of late. I have included a few photos from their essays and articles as my photo of the week. However, their entire photo essays are usually fantastic. They are very real, showing real people in real circumstances and events. We read, hear, watch and see the news everywhere, but sometimes one picture can tell an entire story.

This photo collection is of North Korea, where the only pictures shown are usually state-controlled and or produced. Check it out here.

You can get a sense of control and restrictions through the pictures themselves. Everything looks produced, slick and almost fake. The people and environments depicted in the photos are uniform, calculated and preconceived. No wonder we know very little of what actually goes on in North Korea.


Photo of the Week

Opponents of Evo Morales riot in the streets during disagreements

between Morales and Bolivia’s energy-rich provinces over tax revenues.

Picture of the Week

As you can tell, I enjoy pictures of real life. Pictures that not only are beautiful and haunting, but have a story behind it. Again, this picture of the week involves the Georgian conflict that is starting to gain momentum as Russia is making military waves in the small Eastern European country.

A little Georgian girl from the South Ossentia region where the was is at its heaviest
A little Georgian girl from the South Ossentia region where the was is at its heaviest

There is an entire article in the Boston Times about the Georgian conflict contains many amazing pictures. Don’t just look at the pictures, but read the news. Even though the things happening look surreal and far-removed from us, these are real things happening to real people. You can read it here.

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