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Calling All Ugly Girls

In Austrialia, in the “beautiful” mining town of Mt. Isa, the mayor has made a call on all “beauty-disadvantaged” women to move to the town. He said that there are “five blokes for every girl” in the fair city. He urged women all over Australia with “beauty deficiencies” to move to the town because of a severe lack of females due to the local mining industry, which is primarily male-driven.


If you’re a girl who scored below a 6.5 on, this place may be for you!

The mayor, John Molony, has stood by his comments even in light of the rage expressed by the local female population. Go figure. Now if only there was a city where there’s “five girls to every guy” out there somewhere for guys with “handsome-issues” could go. Read the full story on Mr. Molony here.

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