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Sub-Culture Bingo

We have a ridiculous amount of genres and versions for the game of Monopoly, ranging from Stars Wars to Harley Davidson. There’s even a highly controversial variant that used to be sold in Urban Outfitters called Ghettopoly. I think the title explains itself, needing very little description as to what the game entails. Let’s just say that hotels were replaced with crack houses. Read the USA Today article as to why the game was pulled here.

Lo and behold, the timeless game of Bingo now has a sub-culture variant for those who love (or hate) the hipster world. Simply called Hipster Bingo. I can’t wait for the Valley Girl, Guido, Jock, Athlete/Sporty, Nerd/Geek, Hip-Hop, Emo, Yuppie, Goth, Chach, Artsy Kid and Frat/Sorority-Bingo versions to come out. I may be onto something huge. Then again, probably not.

Playing Bingo is Hip!

Playing Bingo is Hip!

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