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A rug or an island? You decide.

How would you like to wipe your feet on 4.45 million dollars worth of thread? Apparently, in an auction, a Persian rug (formerly owned by a tobacco Duchess who probably owned cats and lived alone) from the 16th or 17th century, sold for 4.45 million dollars. It’s 7 by 5 feet long; that brings the cost of each square inch to $729.87. 46 square inches of this rug would sustain me and more for an entire year.

Do you know how many problems this rug would solve if I had it? Just one: Llss dirt on my shoes.

I would love to meet the imbecile who purchased this rug. Why don’t you get something cool like a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton for your solarium or an island in the Caribbean. Sadly, I’ve lost all respect for this person who would invest this much money into a buddle of 300 year old thread. The island is about a million dollars cheaper! We live in a sad world when the average yearly gross income of 148.5 individuals is spent on a dirt collector.

Kirsten Hubbard, a travel expert from said islands are affordable, ranging from 400,000 dollars into the millions. She said that “a sixty-five acre Isla Paradita in Panama sells for $3.7 million, and boasts four miles of coastline, comfortably appointed guest cottages, pre-Colombian stonewalls remaining from the original indigenous inhabitants, forested pathways, and paradisaical preserved waters.”

A rug or a private tropical island all to yourself? 

Islands and dinosaur skeletons are cool. A rug is not cool. Period. The buyer wanted to remain anonymous. No wonder, because that person will be ridiculed of by everyone (except for rug collectors/lovers and people who own cats) for the rest of their life. That person is now known as “the douche bag who bought a rug instead of an island.”

You can read the news article here.

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