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This Place Called Earth

The Boston Globe outdoes itself again with this photo montage of our fair planet, Earth. These pictures are like the documentary Planet Earth, except in pictures. After seeing them, it made me want to travel the world. I also learned that I haven’t travelled nearly enough. Check out the pictures here

All the pictures were taken by the world renowned french photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He specializes in aeriel photography using subjects that span the entire globe. Can we say: coolest job ever?

The wrong end of the spectrum

The tragedy that struck Canada last week on the Greyhound bus is one that has caught the attention of the world. The way the murder occured  sounds as if it was culled from a movie. Tim McLean was murdered by Vincent Li with no apparent cause or motivation. I’m not going to go into the gruesome details, but you can read it here.

I personally think that the attention the murder story is getting is absolutely crazy. People die by the thousands worldwide but we never hear about them, but when it happens in a gruesome and terrible way, people pay attention to it, or at least the media does.

However, I ran into an interesting article about a church declaring themselves as “Christians” from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas get front page news attention for claiming that the murder of Mr. McLean was an indication that God is punishing Canada for their sins. The church, led by pastor Fred Phelps, have led protest and pickets on various issues around North America. 

 Fred Phelps thinks 33,000,000 million people are evil.

Some of the members plan on picketing the funeral of Tim McLean. Shirley Phelps, the daughter of Fred Phelps said, 

“We’re trying to get you to see that your rebellion against the standards of God, your disobedience to the commandments — your idols, your false gods, your filthy ways have brought wrath upon your head.”

You can read the full article here. This just shows that a small minority of people within a group giving the larger majority of the group a bad image. These are the people getting attention because they create unneeded and unwarrented controversy. I’m not going to go into a tirade or anything like that about this group of people. That’s not my job, I just want you to read about it and make your own call.

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