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Bigfoot Eludes Again

Bigfoot gets away…again…

After the dust settled surrounding the media hoopla on the Bigfoot carcass by John Dyer and Matthew Whitton while hiking a Georgia national park, all has been proven to be a hoax.

After I found out, my worldview came crashing down and I even posted a blog about it expressing my belief that this was a real thing. I severely apologize if you came to think it was real on my accord. I kid. The ‘carcass’ of Bigfoot in the photo is actually a Halloween costume frozen with some animal guts thrown in for a ‘realistic’ effect. You can read the ABC News article here. Once again, I’ll reiterate what I said in a previous post, a guy wearing matching camouflage shorts and t-shirt cannot be trusted.

These guys spend their days after working at the sawmill or coal mine, shooting shotguns, drinking Budweiser, watching football and king of the hill, all while sitting in front of their trailers in a sofa. I’d easily trust them. I hope they start a search for Loch Ness and UFO’s.

Bigfoot Found!

Bigfoot: You sneaky little punk, we finally got you (apparently)

Apparently, a few guys in Georgia found Bigfoot, stuffed him in a freezer, took pictures and got an article in the NY Times. Click here for the full article, the picture of the Bigfoot carcass and three guys that caught him. In my opinion, this is the real deal. Just look at the guys who caught him. Completely credible. Whoever wears a camo t-shirt/short combo is totally an expert in the Bigfoot field. I love America.

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