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Making history and taking names

History is constantly being made, but we live in a time when things are happening right in front of our eyes through this year’s rollercoaster presidential election.

First, we had two democratic presidential nominees, a black man and a woman, run against each other. This had never happened before. Now we have a potential to have the United States of America’s first black president. Who knew this man from a tiny collection of islands and the last State of the Union could become president?

Barack Obama: From Hawaii to the history books.

As of today, the Republican presidential nominee John McCain has chosen Alaska govorner Sarah Palin as his running mate. For the first time in American history, she could be the first woman will be the second-in-command to the most powerful person in the world. There has only been one other woman selected as a running mate. Her name was Geraldine Anne Ferraro, selected by Walter Mondale during the 1984 presidential election against Ronald Reagan

Sarah Palin: Former ‘Ms. Wasilla’ beauty contest winner now a potential vice president.

These are exciting times that we are living in. During my high school years, I grew up in Alaska and I even remember meeting Sarah Palin when I worked for the City of Wasilla back in 2002. Who knew that the mayor of a small town of 8,000 people would now be the potential vice-president of the most powerful country in the world?

We live in a small world and the world is going to get smaller. When the world gets smaller, the more you can make a difference. We’re all a part of history and you can make history happen.

Presidential Candidates: They’re Just Like Us!

I don’t know which magazine it is, it might be inTouch, People, OK! or some silly, sugar-bloated, plastic-encased, time-wasting (yet strangley entertaining) celebrity magazine that has a section called “They’re Just Like Us!” or something to that affect. Any ways, I ran across a fun little article about the potential presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, and their latest interactions, likes and dislikes with things of the pop culture realm. I decided to do a “They’re Just Like Us!: Presidential Edition.”

Just a couple normal guys. That’s all.

In an article by Jake Tapper, a senior national correspondant with ABC News, conducted a candid interview of the presidential hopefuls and their likes and dislikes of a few things of the pop culture world.

Last Movie You Saw:

McCain: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. “I enjoyed that so much. The old guy wins”

Obama: Shrek 3

Favorite Superhero:

McCain: Batman. “He does justice sometimes against insurmountable odds,” McCain says. “And he doesn’t make his good works known to a lot of people, so a lot of people think he’s just a rich playboy.”

Obama: Spiderman and Batman (and dislikes Superman). “The guys who have too many powers, like Superman, that always made me think they weren’t really earning their superhero status.  It’s a little too easy.  Whereas Spider-Man and Batman, they have some inner turmoil.  They get knocked around a little bit.”

First Movie You Saw:

McCain: Bambi. “When his mother was killed,” McCain admits. “Oh, yeah, I cried.”

Obama: Born Free. “I remember that movie having an impact on me,” Obama says. “I think I may have teared up at the end when they release [the lioness] Elsa. I couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5, but I remember choking up on that.”

Favorite Movies/TV Shows

McCain: Movies: Born of the Fourth of July, We Were Soldiers, Full Metal Jacket, Apocolypse Now. (TV SHOWS): Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter, Seinfeld.

Obama: M*A*S*H, The Dick Van Dyke Show

Favorite Tunes or On Your iPod:

McCain: ABBA, Roy Orbison, Linda Ronstadt, Usher. “I was on Saturday Night Live with him, got to see him perform, and I was very impressed with him.”

Obama: Frank Sinatra, Sheryl Crow, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Javanese flute music, African dance music, a lot of R&B.

If you want to read the full article, click here!

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