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Taking the ‘mum’ out of of Minimum

You may have seen a few of his magazine covers for the New Yorker or you may have not. As high profile as the New Yorkeris, Richard McGuire’s reputation rests on the small shoulders of his thin body of work. However, I ran across some of his work and I really admire them. He is relatively unknown, just try searching for him off Google.

His illustrations are extremely simple and minimalist , but they are endearing. He dabbles in all types of media, from web design and animation to children’s books and illustrations. He primarily focuses his work on illustrations for the press, but he has created his own line of toys as well. Mr. McGuire is renowned for his graphic design innovations because he combines drawing, paper cutouts and vectoral drawings.

One of my favorite movies, Catch Me If You Can, also has one of my favorite opening credit scenes and Richard McGuire’s work is very similar in my opinion. Here is some of his work.

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