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How much does a criminal record cost? $46.07.

Lindsey Evans, this year’s Miss Louisiana Teen USA, was arrested along with three other friends for skipping out on a $46.07 restaurant bill.

Lindsey Evans  From Beauty Queen to Criminal Mastermind.

Now her mugshot is all over the Internet. The 18-year-old beauty queen was arrested this past Saturday and was not only charged with theft, but also marijuana possession…which was later found in her purse…that she left back at the restaurant.

Poor girl, she won’t be remembered for the swimsuit contest or her flute playing talents, but the fact that she decided not to pay a $46.06 bill. Look what happens when you don’t pay for your food, you get a mugshot on the internet and a spot on “the World’s Dumbest Criminals” on Spike TV.

Read the story and see the mugshot here. I can’t believe I blogged about this, but it’s just too ridiculous to pass up.

Wild about Wilde

I just recently saw a documentary concert movie called Largo at the Vancouver Film Festival (which everyone should go see) and I came across an artist named Autumn de Wilde who did the photography for a montage at the end of the film. I commenced to investigate further.

She has done a lot of of her most recognizable work doing album covers for artists like Beck and the White Stripes and some magazine covers, but she is a multi-talented dynamo with work ranging from documentaries, graphic design, photography and fashion shoots. Take a peek at some of her work.

This Place Called Earth

The Boston Globe outdoes itself again with this photo montage of our fair planet, Earth. These pictures are like the documentary Planet Earth, except in pictures. After seeing them, it made me want to travel the world. I also learned that I haven’t travelled nearly enough. Check out the pictures here

All the pictures were taken by the world renowned french photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He specializes in aeriel photography using subjects that span the entire globe. Can we say: coolest job ever?

The Hidden Messages in a Font

Choosing the right font for the right occasion is imperative. Typically we choose to go with Times New Romans, especially when we write a collegiate paper. If we’re sneaky, we might use Arial or Calibri at 12.5 font to make our essay a bit longer. If you were a font, which would you choose and why?

You are what font you use.

I came across this image collage through a friend. What does a font say about you? Lars Willem Veldkampf gives his views and attempts to answer this age-old question in a series of images explaining that using Helvetica means you are a conformist and using Gill Sans means you are the son of a stonecutter. This photo gallery is spectacularly random and intriguingly fun.

40 million dollars will buy you….

Just a mere 40 million dollars will buy you this home. 

This house, located in Dubai, is approximately 3000 Sq. meters, contains 5 bedrooms and six bathrooms. Here’s the kicker, the house includes a private beach and garden, rooftop garden with spa pool, infinity swimming pool, indoor reflecting pools, concealed service quarters, entertainment patios, outdoor dining areas, chef and show kitchens, and outdoor showers.

I just need 6,660 roommates to afford it at the rate of what I pay for rent in Vancouver, BC. I’m starting a sign up list and if we can get that many people on board, we can each have the house to ourselves for 1.3 hours a year. Totally worth it. Who’s in?



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